3rd person Tactical Action Game “Hannibal -Vengeance of Carthage” now licensing with Schanz International Consultants

July 28th 2005 – New 3rd person Tactical Action Game, on PC and X-Box, now licensing with Schanz
International Consultants world-wide.

Schanz International Consultants (SIC) and Danish developer Tabula Rasa Games signed up together
for SIC to license exclusively, the gripping 3rd person Tactical Action Game “Hannibal -Vengeance
of Carthage”

Players take the role of Hannibal Barca, commander in chief of the Carthagian forces against the
Roman republic…
Think like a general, fight like a warrior! It will not be a war of conquest, it will be a war of vengeance!

Hannibal -Vengeance of Carthage features Gamebryo’s 3D graphics engine for outstanding
performance and offers three seamlessly blended gameplay modes: strategic planning, tactical
battleplan execution and 3rd person action to combine to a never seen before cross-genre gameplay.

Pleased to be signing the title, w/w, MD at Schanz International Consultants, Mr. Gerhard Schanz
says:”We are very delighted to cooperate with the dynamic and creative studio Tabula Rasa Games
and look forward to leading “Hannibal -Vengeance of Carthage” to great success with our partnership.”

Nick Smith, co-founder of Tabula Rasa Games comments: “After many months of hard work on
, we are pleased to give the game the exposure and backing it deserves. Ensuring this
happens is the industry experience and marketing know-how of Schanz International Consultants.
On behalf of Alessandro Canossa (co-founder) and myself, I can say that we are very happy with
our partnership with SIC and are expecting great things for the future.”

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